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Working Papers

Commuting, Labor, and Housing Market Effects of Mass Transportation: Welfare and Identification

Currently being revised, updating often.

A forward-looking Ricardian approach” (with Christopher Costello and Olivier Deschênes). NBER Working Paper 22413.

     +     Revise and Resubmit - Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Land-Use Regulations, Property Values, and Rents: Decomposing the Effects of the California Coastal Act” (with Andrew Plantinga). FRB Philadelphia Working Paper 17-33.

     +     Revise and Resubmit - Journal of Urban Economics

Technology Adoption Under Uncertainty: Take-Up and Subsequent Investment in Zambia” (with B. Kelsey Jack, Paulina Oliva, Elizabeth Walker, and Samuel Bell). NBER Working Paper 21414.

     +     Online Appendix

Works in Progress

"Path Dependence, Gasoline Shocks, and Transportation Choice."

Other Academic Production

“What is Marine Environmental Justice?” (with Jennifer Martin, Erendira Aceves, Peter Alagona, Sienna Cordoba, Cristiane Elfes, Tammy Elwell, Angela Garcia, Summer Gray, Zach Horton, David Lopez-Carr, Jessica Marter Kenyon, Karly Marie Miller, Teresa Shewry, Becky Wright).

Rural Entrepreneurial Education: An Innovative Piece of Practical Development in Latin America” Student Journal of Latin American Studies, 1:  26-51 (2009).