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My academic interests bridge urban, environmental, and development economics. When I was young, I played SimCity and read books about urban planning. As an undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin, I became interested in Economics while studying Latin America and its history. I conducted research on agricultural history and sustainable development in Paraguay. After graduating, I worked for an energy efficiency consulting firm. During this time, my interest in and understanding of environmental economics and regulation began to grow, leading me to pursue graduate studies.

I like to use empirical methods that blend standard reduced form analysis with structural or calibrated approaches to study problems in these three fields. It has surprised me to find that most of my projects involve the use of spatial data.

About This Website

This website is meant to be a professional home environment to share my research and provide useful and relevant links and information. Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia or the Federal Reserve System.